Services offered by Josh Stopper

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress is a great platform for building a website. But like anything, there is always room for improvement. Whether its removing slow plugins, caching slow queries or removing unused functionality, there’s always a way to improve performance and security.

Website Optimisation

A website that isn’t optimised for mobile and tablet will not be ranked as high as others. Similarly, a website that is bloated with html, css, js and images will not be ranked as high for being slow. Website optimisation can incorporate all aspects of a website from hosting to programming to assets.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is a piece of software, and as such, receives updates to bring new functionality and fix bugs. The same is true for plugins and themes. Keeping them up-to-date is important as it helps prevent a website being hacked and improves performance.

Plugin Development

WordPress offers great functionality out of the box, from pages, to blogs and comments. But when you want to work with and display different types of information, maybe a job board, maybe a rolling list of events, a custom plugin for WordPress should be able to solve the problem.

Theme Development

A new theme for a website can bring new life to it. Working within an existing WordPress site or creating a new one, a great theme will make sure the content is at the heart of the site whilst remaining easy to create and update.

Theme Customisation

Whilst a theme can offer many avenues of customisation, there will always be something that can’t be edited through a CMS. Whether the change is a new colour pallet or a new template, theme customisation can be a quick solution for changing an existing site.

WordPress Hack Cleanup

WordPress like any other website is susceptible to hacks, that’s why it’s important to have security and backups in mind when hosting a site. For when those aren’t available, a WordPress hack cleanup may restore a website to its former glory.

PSD to WordPress

Converting a PSD into a WordPress template spans all aspects of web programming. Building on top of a PSD to HTML conversion, a PSD to WordPress conversion can make the templates editable.


Converting a pixel perfect PSD to HTML is as much of an art as designing the website itself. With an eye for design and every nuance in it, I can transform the pixel perfect PSD into pixel perfect HTML site.