I am Josh Stopper, an Australian-Italian web developer from Melbourne Australia, with a passion for beauty, performance, and sustainability. Growing up around designers, and with a love for problem solving, I found my way in to programming, and eventually web development.

Starting my freelance developer career at sixteen, and after completing a Bachelor degree in Network Design and Security, I landed my first full time job as web developer for Sense Advertising in Melbourne Australia. Quickly rising to lead developer, I worked with the team at Sense Advertising on projects for Hocking Stuart, Builders Academy Australia, Oblica, and the French Bilingual Association.

After being with my amazingly supportive partner Neisha for seven years, we married in March of 2017 and moved halfway around-the-world to live in London.

Continuing my career in web development, I secured a job as lead developer for Wholegrain Digital, London’s original WordPress agency. Working with businesses that ‘do good’, focussing on positive change, we deliver performant, sustainable websites for clients such as Ecover, Article 39 and IFEX.

Not content with only delivering good work for our clients, we developed the worlds first Website Carbon calculator and work to educate the wider community on the impact of their work. Continuing our mission to increase the awareness of the impact the web has on the environment, we created the Sustainable Web Manifesto, a “a public declaration of a shared commitment to create a sustainable internet”.

Through all this time, I have continued to operate my freelance business working and building relationships with amazing people such as Rob Crabtree, Vincent Casey, Marc Mundy, and Bernd Helmuth.

If you would like to discuss your project, or would simply like to talk about WordPress, performance, sustainability, please head to my contact page.

Technology & Tools

Over the years of working in agencies an as a freelancer, I have worked with various tools, languages, and frameworks. Below are a few of them.

Project ManagementBasecamp, Forecast, Harvest, Streamtime, Slack
Design and WireframingAdobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, Whimsical, Invision
Development ToolsNode, npm, gulp, Webpack, composer, Git, SVN
LanguagesPHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Native Javascript (ES6+)
FrameworksBootstrap, Foundation, Stratum, jQuery
Hosting platformsWHM & cPanel, Plesk, Amazon Lighsail, Cloudways, ServerPilot